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RAMpages is your publication and we welcome suggestions for, or submission of articles and information regarding upcoming events. Please note that due to space limitations we reserve the right to edit copy as necessary to accommodate the needs of everyone. We do have a few guidelines that we hope will make publication of RAMpages go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Please send all information for inclusion in RAMpages to Sarah Levinson Bauer using the form below. We are requesting that all copy be received 2 days prior to the publication date, see schedule below.

  2. It is preferred that copy be furnished as a Word document or simply included in the body of an email and that it is as complete as possible to assure all information is correct. We are willing to write copy for you but simply will not have time to write every article. Please note that in order for RAMpages to have a cohesive look, all articles will be published in the same font and point size so please don't get crazy with special fonts etc. However, if you choose to provide a document to be linked to your article this will remain in its final form without any changes to style or format.

  3. If you have images you would like included please provide these as a separate file preferably saved as a .jpeg or .gif or .pdf file with a maximum file size of 2.25 MB. If you have questions regarding these files please contact Cary Hendrickson From time to time we will add images to your article and have an extensive library of images and clip art to utilize.

  4. Any documents you would like to have included as links in your article should be provided in the form below. Please place the link directly after the item you want linked.

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Buzz Book Information

All buzz book information for 2019-2020 school year has been collected. Books should be available soon.

Bus Information & Forms

Visit the district website for more information about bus routes and bus passes. 


Committee Chairs, please use this form to submit deposits from your CSA fundraiser.


Room Parents

Get contact information for all the room parents of Conway Elementary Classes. 

Committee Chair Report Form

Committee Chairs, please use this form at the end of your CSA event for our records and future planning.

MySchoolBucks Instructions

If you need help accessing the store to pay for anything MySchoolBucks related, this is your resource.


Expense Reimbursement form

Committee Chairs, please use this form to request reimbursement for CSA expenditures.