There will be absolutely no parking in the circle before 9:10 am and between 3:10 and 4:10 pm. People who need to come into the school during this time period FOR ANY REASON (helping in the classroom, bringing birthday treats, or picking up a child early) need to park on the blacktop play area. The exit from the blacktop will be open in the afternoon until 3:30, and then closed until carpool is cleared. If you are parked in the circle at carpool time you will be asked to move, so please, just don’t park there!

No parent should for ANY reason get out of their vehicle in the front circle during carpool.

No cell phones should be used during carpool line.

New families will be issued two signs with your family name on it to have posted in the front of your car. Returning families should have their signs from last year. You can request additional signs by contacting Holly Bernstein,

Children should only exit or enter vehicles on the passenger side at one of the six drop-off/loading stations on the east side of the circle by the sidewalk.

Carpool is run by the Conway Cops, a group of parent volunteers. Please remember that these parents are volunteers who do the best they can to make everything run as smoothly as possible. Your cooperation is appreciated.


If for any reason your child is not ready to get out of the car quickly and without driver assistance, please park on the blacktop play area.  Otherwise you stall the whole carpool line.  no parents should be out of their car for ANY reason in the cirlce.  On the blacktop you may get out of your car, take as much time as you want to say goodbye, help your child gather belongings, walk your child into the building, etc..

There will be THREE moving lanes of traffic entering the circle from the west entrance. The three lanes of traffic in the cirlce should stack up as evenly as possible (in other words, please enter the lane with the least number of cars).  These lanes of cars will stack to the crosswalk line, where there will be a Conway Cop guiding cars to one of six drop-off stations.  There will be a number by each drop-off station.  CHILDREN SHOULD ONLY EXIT THEIR VEHICLES ON THE SIDEWALK SIDE OF THE CAR AT ONE OF THE DROP-OFF STATIONS.  Usually there will be a second Conway Cop at the drop off stations to assist children in getting out of the car. Please have coats on, backpacks ready, and any long goodbyes completed BEFORE you reach the drop off station to avoid stalling the carpool line.

There will be no cross walk in the circle, as students will only be exiting the cars on the sidewalk side at one of the drop-off stations.

No students should be let out of cars on the west side of the circle.

Have consideration for fellow carpool users. At all times, pull as far forward as possible even if the weather is bad or the bell is about to ring.  Pulling forward as far as possible allows more cars to pull up behind you.  Conway Cops avoid allowing the entering cars to go around parked cars.  In other words, if a car is stopped in spot 6 and all the other sports are empty, you will be asked to wait until the line clears before driving foward.  We understand this is frustrating, but the rule was established after witnessing one too many near collissions. 


Bus riders will be dismissed to their respective bus lines. The buses will be in the back parking lot, as they have been in the past. 

Car riders and walkers will be dismissed to the front patio and will be divided up alphabetically into three groups. This is to get siblings closer together and speed the loading process. Teachers will be monitoring the students.

People who drive, but need to park and enter the school to get their child need to park on the blacktop play area and pick their child up from the front porch. The exit gate will be open from 3:10 p.m until 3:40 p.m. and then closed until carpool has cleared. This is to ensure that cars are not exiting into a moving carpool line or in the path where some students walk home  Please do not open the gate early or park outside the gate to tryto exit a few minutes earlier.  It is a safety hazard. 

As in the morning, there will be three lanes of traffic in the front circle (labeled lanes A,B, and C of the attached diagram).  The first six cars to enter Conway can take up the six marked loading station spots on the east side of the circle by the sidewalk, after that cars will stack up evenly in three lanes,  from the front crosswalk back to Conway Road. Only the six cars at the loading stations should be on the east side of the circle.


Remember the yellow signs mentioned above? Each car should have their family sign displayed in the front windshield

There will be one teacher and a Conway Cop at the top of the carpool circle. They will call each family by last name and assign them a number. The car and the children will both move to this number when directed. For example, if the Conway Cops call, "Westendorf, 3," then the Westendorf children will proceed to slot 3, and the Westendorf car will also proceed to slot 3 when directed. Teachers will be on hand to assist the children as needed. Please note that your slot number will change daily based on your position in the carpool line. 

After your child is in your car, please exit the loading station as soon as possible so the next group of vehicles can pick up their children. 

If you have an issue or there is a delay in getting your child(ren) in the car, you will be directed to pull forward to a “Safety Zone” that is outside of the Loading Zone area to get the issue resolved so that the pick-up line can continue to flow.

There will be someone directing cars to their loading station, but as a general rule, Cars A1 and A2 on the attached diagram will go to spots 1 and 2, cars B3 and B4 to spot 3 and 4 and C5 and C6 to spots 5 and 6. This will then be repeated when all traffic stations are clear. 

No children will be crossing the circle for any reason.

In case of rain or inclement weather the following carpool policy will be in place: Children with last names beginning A-F will be dismissed from Mrs. Horn's classroom (room 121), G-N from the Music Room (room 141), and O-Z from Mrs. Kiely's classroom (room 138). If you park on the black top you must pick your child up from his/her assigned classroom

**Please note there is NO parking on the blacktop between 9:10a.m.-3:10p.m. because of PE classes.